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Island girl, writer and photographer, Karen shares, in her latest book, images from 80 islands, visited while living and working throughout the South Pacific.

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A neosomaniac, I'm mad about islands!

How could I not be? For many years it was the best part of my job – seaplaning to remote villages, drinking kava with chiefs, crunching numbers and designing marketing plans on sparkling beaches…surfing the best breaks, as I worked all over the South Pacific, brokering personal estates,

boutique hotels, and private islands.


Click here for a digital preview:

Or enjoy slideshows of island images: Islands  &  Polynesia

Praise for Neosomaniac:
Thank you, Karen -- surely a feast for the eye, the imagination and the heart.  A stunning achievement and one that evokes awe for islands we've experienced or only dreamed of.  
A wonderful gift for those already seduced by the islands or those who likely will be by your book. Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work! Love, Herb Long
 Beautiful book and photos...I'm impressed.  Mike VV
 Karen, this is fabulous!!!  Can I sell some in the gallery?...I want every one to have it!!!  Thanks XXX  Maria
 BEAUTIFUL!!!! Katey Coffing, PhD.
I had a great time flipping through your latest creative expression.
Congratulations are in order – you are a fantastic photographer! love much, Lily

 Karen ~ your book is fabulous! Dori Nordeck
 Wow! Are all those are your pics? You've been to some great places! Great book!!
Steve Van Vleck
 Beautiful Island Book of photos and reflections! You definitely are an
"Island Girl"! with Many Lifetimes of Island Living, I can tell! Bev Newsham 
 Awesome, awesome work!! I love it. That is absolutely a masterful production. Makes one long for the island cultures. Great job; thanks so much for sharing these beautiful images.  Kevin Wallace
 Beeeeeeeeautiful, it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mindy Raymond

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